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TB Uber - How to code bootstrap modal window in template?


Dear Support Team, please wake up!

Hi, me again :) How is your vacation? Lounging in the sun?
I want to place bootstrap modal window in a template (page.tpl.php) but again its not working as usual.
Simple tutorial how to - and i dont wont to use additional jquery code.

I see that .modal and .fade classes are in your uber.bootstrap.css ... so?
How to do this?
Why it isn't working?

TB Uber - Accordion Panels not working!


Your theme is based on Bootstrap but we cannot use Bootstrap Accordion Panels
I think that You guys overrided default .colapse class!

When You use this code the all acordion panels body will be opened.
Its broken, can You fix this?

.collapse {visibility:hidden;} {visibility: visible;}

TB Uber - few questions


Hi Themebrain Team!

First of all i want to report about broken download section. I bought a theme, then i recieved a download link but it's seems to be broken.
I was trying generate the new one three times and the link that i recieved also seems to be broken.
I have blank screen and nothing is happened.

What difficulties will face PostgreSQL users? Is this theme will be fully functional to them?
If yes - can I export some nodes, settings, panel or views from MySQL site and import them to this one which runs on PostgreSQL?

Can't install the theme


Hi I tried to innstall the theme to my wordpress but this message shows up:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Looking forward to read your answer.

Regards C

TB Uber


I just purchased TB Uber. I don't see the same documentation for setup that comes with the older themes. Do you have a draft version or something that you can point me at - perhaps a similar setup in one of the other themes?


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