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Help installing the demo profile


Although I've used Drupal, I've never had to do any setup or installation, so forgive my dumb question.

Currently I have a hosting account, and I recently did the 1-click Drupal install on it, so right now I have a totally default Drupal setup which I haven't modified yet. Then I bought ThemeBrain's "Wall" theme, and now I'm trying to install the full demo (since installing just the theme involved lots of individual module installations).

IE9 Compatibility View


When I use IE9 Compatibility View (default setting) to visit TB University Demo, some elements shown in the site are msialigned.

When I switch off the IE9 CV, the site is normal.

How can I configure the site so that the visitors do not meet this problem?

Displaying Node Title instead of Content Type as H1


Hello everyone,

i'd like to know if someone could please explain how i can change this to show only the node title instead of the content type as the page title.

I've read on that this is a feature of Nucleus, and i noticed that on the "Basic Page" content type it doesn't happen, only on the other content types, but i couldn't find out how to change it.

If someone could help with this, i would appreciate it very much.

Best Regards,


Fatal error in combination with module Webform 7.x-3.18


I've created a form using the Webform module (7.x-3.18) When selecting this form I run into an error:

Fatal error: [] operator not supported for strings in ~~~/drupal7/sites/all/themes/nucleus/nucleus/inc/ on line 410

Any idea to solve that problem?

theme download corrupt


When I try to unzip those themes I've downloaded from I get an error message. Am I too stupid? I get a "unexpected end of archive" message regardless which file I'll unpack. (tried with tb_methys, tb_mollise, tb_sirate) Where's the trick?


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