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TB Wall: Facebook and Twitter Feeds not importing


Morning. I have a problem with the Facebook and Twitter Feeds. I entered the Data into the configuration for my FB and Twiiter feeds. If I click the CHECK Button they are also correctly displayed. But when I save & feed, nothing is imported.

I use a fresh install of TB Wall and deleted all prior entries to start fresh.

I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Any idea? If you need a account to enter my site, just ask. Thanks.

How can i translate a string from TB Wall?


Hello, i'm having trouble finding a string to translate in TB Wall.

When viewing a page with a large number of posts, an ajax loader appear with the following text "Loading the next set of posts..."

I've tried searching for that string so i could translate it, but i can't find it anywhere!

I'd appreciate if someone could please help me with this situation.

Best Regards,



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