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Knowing that I follow the step by step instructions, I can not add "Content-type"

Annoying message "Undefined property: stdClass..." on the site


Hi, we are using TB Sirate Theme on our site.

When one enters our site, there is usually an annoying Error box visible under the main banner:
"Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$filter w include() (linia 110 z /users/0014/sterdzwig/www/sterdzwig.com/sites/all/themes/tb_sirate/tpl/views/menu.tpl.php)."

This message is always the same. And after a few clicks on different subjects on the site: it disappears.

What can I do to kill it ?

Thanks for help

TB Sirate with "Menu attach block" module

How To Change Links of Panel First Blocks


How can we change the '#' links of the blocks in Panel First region, to be able to point them to various articles etc.?

Thanks in advance

Can not create Slideshow View


Hello. Following the installation guide here: http://www.themebrain.com/guide/how-build-tb-sirate/5-slideshow-region

When I go to add the Slideshow View, I uncheck the Create a page checkbox as shown. However, I do not have any options for the Create a block item except for the name. In other words, I do not have the Display format or Items per page options as shown in the picture in the guide. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

- James


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