TB Sirate

Facebook Connect compability


Hello there! =)

I'm using TB Sirate to build a new drupal site.

I'm trying to make some facebook integration, alowing users to login both with Drupal or facebook.

Here's the problem: I've tested 3 different modules to do so. None of them worh with TB Sirate (I have 2 independent sites using TB Sirate now). All of them work with other drupal sites that don't have TB Sirate installed.

Any clues of what can be making this problem? There are no error messages or warnings of any type, but the Facebook integration simply don't work...

How to make side links for Facebook, RSS and so on?


First and foremost, thank you for your contributions to the Drupal community. I am a big fan of your nucleus base and as well as the subs you create as well.

I am using the Sirate theme and I am wanting to edit the links next to the slideshow like facebook, rss, and so on. First question, how do I go about linking these buttons to my own social networking accounts? Also for the buttons I don't want, how do I remove them?

I apologize for what may seem to be such a remedial question, but I am just kind of learning as I go.



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