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First off i must say you do great work from themes to custom modules.

I have a question about the megamenu. When i resize site a cube appears in place of the normal menu. Now my question is how to make a code so that cube lets say appears later or even does not appear.

I tried using custom code to hide the cube and show the normal menu but with no luck. I created in css @media (min-width:100px) and (max-width: 979px) but it i can only shift the cube around but not hide it and let the normal menu be visible.

Align all submenus (second level) on the left on the first item menu ?


I use tb menu in a drupal site. Thanks for this nice module.
With this module we can align the submenu with 4 options: align left, right, center, justify
But the submenu are always align with the li parent. Is it possible to align all submenus (second level) on the left on the first item menu (first level / li) ?
I have tried this with css but without success.
Is that a javascript function sets the position of submenus?
Can we position submenus on the left menu with css?
Thanks for your reply


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