TB Nex

TB NEX theme settings changing problem


My problem is that if I want to change anything to the settings of the theme it wont work.
I change something I hit the "Save configuration" button on the bottom and everything changes to the default values.
Why is this happening ?

I've attached a captured image of the zone

How to add photo gallery in every node


Hi! I want to make photo gallery like in Panel Bottom Column 1 in TB Nex only in every article's page for some news required mero then one picture. How can I do that?

TB NEX: problems with CSS after modules updating


Hi! Sorry for my english. I install TB NEX With Start Content on Windows Server 2012, PHP 5.3.24, MySQL 5.1.68 Then I upgrade Drupal Core to ver. 7.22 and update 8 modules (Chaos, Views, etc). Then I got a problem: style of main menu have some truble. Screnshot here http://img838.imageshack.us/img838/2299/89526459.jpg


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