TB Mollise

Background image


I want to put a background image but the resolutions are not good.
How have the right dimensions to create an image that will fit the size of the site. Thank you for your help.

Disable open_basedir is required


i try to install the mollise theme, but it does'nt work.

There is a Requirements System, that says, that i should disable open_basedir.

I hat asked my webspace host and get the answer, that i can't disable the open_basedir. This would be not supported.

Is there another way to fix this problem, or can't i use this Theme.

How to remove a node from front page?


Hi Themebrain.

First of all - Thank you very much for the awesome templates you provide!

I'm developing a test site, which you can see at this temp url: http://a-munkholm.dk/rkfotoklub/

Somehow, I've messed up a setting somewhere, so that the standard front page content (node 52, reading: HOW DO I REMOVE THIS FROM THE FRONT PAGE) is now displayed below the large jCarousel... Any idea on how to get rid of it again?



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