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How To Configure Mozilla Thunderbird In Windows 10?


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If you find any difficulty in configuring Mozilla Thunderbird on Windows 10, then the steps which you would have to follow strictly are as mentioned below:
• Download and install Thunderbird from their official website.
• Click on ‘Tools’ and then open the option of ‘Accounting Settings.’
• Further, choose the option of ‘Email account’ and enter your name and email address.


How to Delete Ads from AOL Mail Page?


It has often been seen that ads turn out to be a major aspect which frustrates the users while they are using the AOL Email service. The users overcome this issue by using the below-given steps:
• The users have to access their AOL email account using their account credentials.
• Then they would have to open the settings tab and then click on the option of ‘Marketing’ which is under the label of accounts control.
• Now a new page would open, where you would have to click on the option next to pop-up preferences.

How to process a refund for deposited check in QuickBooks?


In case you receive a refund for a deposited check you can use the steps below to add it to QuickBooks:
• Step 1: Open QuickBooks and create your deposit with invoice payments
• Step 2: Type the Vendor name in the ‘Received From’ column.’
• Step 3: Select the ‘Accounts Payable’ account and apply the deposit
• Step 4: Enter an optional and provide the refund amount
• Step 5: If the total deposit corresponds with the bank deposit total click ‘Save and Close’

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