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How to change the location of a sidebar


I want to to change the location of a sidebar - I want that one of them was left. It is possible to do something?
And if so, in what css I make a change??

The file could not be uploaded.When I try to upload image from article or basic page


Hi, I installed Starter theme Methys, I tried to upload a Slideshow image from local and I get the error: The file could not be uploaded.

I upload a new logo in theme settings and it was ok, only appers in Basic, articles editing pages.

Also apper in front:
Warning: unlink(/var/www/vhosts/jardindehara.com/httpdocs/2014/sites/default/files/field/slideshow/sl-3.jpg) [function.unlink]: Permission denied in drupal_unlink() (line 2202 of /var/www/vhosts/jardindehara.com/httpdocs/2014/includes/file.inc).

Could you help to me?
Thank you very much

TB Methys - change directory name brings errors



I changed the directory name of the tb_methys theme to reflect the name of the site (as I usually do with new sites).

As per usual, in order to do this I did the following steps:

1) change tb_methys.info name to sitename.info (where site name is... my sites name)
2) In the file template.php, I changed the following line:-

require_once drupal_get_path('theme', 'tb_methys') . '/inc/preprocess_functions.inc';

...changing tb_methys to reflect foldername.

After I reload the site, I get the following error:-


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