How to allow translation to content type (h1) in node.tpl.php ?



I am building a multi-language website with TB Methys and I have the following problem: the content type title (h1) does not switch into the right language. It stays in the default content type name. I have i18n and some other translation modules installed and set up and I have translated the content type name in the 3 languages... no change.

I assume I have to add a "if" in the node.tpl.php file but I do not know how to proceed. I have 3 languages. Is somebody can help me to fix this issue?

Here is the code I suppose I have to change:

How can i translate a string from TB Wall?


Hello, i'm having trouble finding a string to translate in TB Wall.

When viewing a page with a large number of posts, an ajax loader appear with the following text "Loading the next set of posts..."

I've tried searching for that string so i could translate it, but i can't find it anywhere!

I'd appreciate if someone could please help me with this situation.

Best Regards,


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