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How to make side links for Facebook, RSS and so on?


First and foremost, thank you for your contributions to the Drupal community. I am a big fan of your nucleus base and as well as the subs you create as well.

I am using the Sirate theme and I am wanting to edit the links next to the slideshow like facebook, rss, and so on. First question, how do I go about linking these buttons to my own social networking accounts? Also for the buttons I don't want, how do I remove them?

I apologize for what may seem to be such a remedial question, but I am just kind of learning as I go.


How to install TB Sirate?


I need help.
I have installed Drupal using bitnami module package. Now I would like to install tb_sirate_with_demo_profile_v1.0.zip, and I do not know and what to do next. Thank you

How to apply Sirate style for Superfish?


Hi all,

I set on Superfish Extend Style settings (Aspect,Navigation) plus #2 Supefish Menù blocks voices.

I see the 2 default blocks like:




Now if I want change status of the other two blocks doesn't save after I change from 'USE SUPERFISH STYLE SETTINGS to SIRATE STYLE FOR SUPERFISH.

Uh... why?!

I put state of this 2 block into 'deactivate' state, but nothing, it's not possible to set these blocks into Style Sirate.

Why is JCarousel module not compatible with Sirate?


Hallo to all teh friends!

Please, I have this question: if I install module JCarousel in Sirate theme, but I have some 'ajax error': I instaled this module in Neris and all run ok!

Maybe JCarousel module doesn't work well with Sirate?!

thanks and all the best for you!


How to display all the content without a read more button?



I am trying to remove the read more button on this theme, I would like to have all my content display without a read more button.

How can I do this?


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