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why don't show front page?


Hi, good luck
don't show front page and other page in theme TB Sirate.
in front page only white and in admin/reports/dblog is:
Key did not shell "render_panel".
Please help

Facebook Connect compability


Hello there! =)

I'm using TB Sirate to build a new drupal site.

I'm trying to make some facebook integration, alowing users to login both with Drupal or facebook.

Here's the problem: I've tested 3 different modules to do so. None of them worh with TB Sirate (I have 2 independent sites using TB Sirate now). All of them work with other drupal sites that don't have TB Sirate installed.

Any clues of what can be making this problem? There are no error messages or warnings of any type, but the Facebook integration simply don't work...

Latest/popular/tags block instructions


Does anybody have clear instructions on how to create/duplicate the latest/popular/tags block as seen on the TB Sirate demo: http://demo.themebrain.com/#sirate

I know that it uses "views", but could use some instruction on how to make the latest news featuring the latest 4 articles with a thumbnail and title pull.


How to show White background for articles in front page?



For some reason the articles promoted to the front page do not show the white background.

I was looking into the div hierarchy of one version that works and mine that does not.
I see that it does not build the region div on the articles without background. See below

1. What does not work.

How to change Panels Page title?



Just added a Panels page/node. The title is set to "About us" but the title on top of the blue header shows "Panels". Any idea how I can change this?



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