TB Sirate

TB Sirate Slideshow


After following this guide http://themebrain.com/guide/how-build-tb-sirate/5-slideshow-region
to create a slideshow i'm unable to get the slideshow to display. are all of the steps to creating the slideshow in the guide?
I followed the steps exactly as outlined. my site is here: http://thegunsites.com/

Could I be missing something?

Remove Welcome to... message on TB Sirate


How do I remove the Welcome to MYSITENAME.com message in blue on the homepage of my new site?

How to Guide for TB Sirate


Does anyone have a How-To Guide for the TB-sirate theme? It would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to go recreate the demo site but i'm running into a few issues with adding a slideshow.

tb sirate error on login page



I have installed tb sirate theme of drupal. I am getting error, when I click page user login, create new account and register page.

Notice: Undefined variable: content in include() (line 1 of D:\inetpub\vhosts\adnl.nl\httpdocs\sites\all\modules\tb_megamenu\templates\tb-megamenu-block.tpl.php).

Hyperlinks for Panels


Is it possible to enter unique hyperlinks for each of the "panels" in the TB Sirate theme?

Panel first-1, panel first-2, panel second-1, etc...

Most of these blocks change the cursor icon to a hand which would give the user the idea they are a link, but i cannot get it to function this way.

Is there particular code you enter into the block body? or is this changeable with CSS or PHP modifications?

These panels are a crucial part of these theme, i'm surprised no one else is having issues.

Thanks for any reply.


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