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Methys II H Tags


Hi Brain,

I am trying to improve SEO on my Methys II site and a lot of the H2 tags have useless names like:

: Main menu
: Pages
: Primary tabs

The main problem is the : Main menu tag.

How can I change this tag to use key SEO words so it looks like this : Latest sports news menu


Methys II node title as plain text


Hi with the node titles in Methys II, they are displayed as links.

When you go into display in content types/edit all other fields can be changed to plain text but this one is core module "title"

How can I change these titles of nodes into plain text as it is confusing to the users, i.e., they click and goes to the page their on ...


How do we enable autoscroll?


Is there a setting to enable the autoscroll of the slideshow in TB Methys II (outside of views?) I have activated it, and decreased the speed to 3 which started the process, however it looks like it hangs after the first image is rotated...

TB Anis: how to remove the content type on article nodes/pages



I have the same problem in TB Anis and Methys II. I cannot figure out how to remove the content type displayed at the top of article, etc. (ex-Basic Page) pages.

In page.css this position is marked as page-title in all instances (both Articles AND Basic Pages), and this is what causes the problem :)

Can you please advise.

Thanks a lot!

Full Date In TB Methys II Theme


I use this theme for news site and it doesn't show the full date (year) in the nodes. How to also show the year in nodes?



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