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TB Methys Slideshow - Blank Slide


Hi, hope you can help. I'm using the TB Methys template and have gotten the slideshow to work properly. The only problem is that when it reaches the end of it's slides, it goes to a blank slide, then back to the first. Is there any way of making this a seamless transition from the last slide to the first?


*Just an update*
It's been a few days, and I haven't seen any replies. Maybe I'm being too vague? I just wanted to say that I have an image uploaded to the Slideshow image in every post. If that helps.

Thanks again!

TB Methys Theme only configuration



Thanks for lovely free theme. I have tried both the profile and theme only. The profile of course creates a perfect replicate of the demo site. However, I am having troubles getting the theme only edition to look proper. I referred to the Methys II guide since there is no Methys guide (but i used Methys size images for style presets). Here are my major problems ...

How to make TB Methys Logo/Menu larger?


Hi. I'm testing the TB Methys. I'd like the logo to be larger than the default. I uploaded a large test logo and it pushed the menus down below.

How can I change the settings to keep the menus in the original position, and also allow for a larger logo? Is there a css file that I can update?

Thank you.

TB Methys Skin Issue



I love the Methys theme, it's been amazing fun to work with.

Though there is a very tiny issue with the 'Breaking news' view banner at the top:

In the standard skin it's fine, but try changing the skin to any other colour and when you hover over the 'Breaking news' banner with the coloured background, the whole header expands downwards by a pixel or two.

How can to make the title and the body always visible in the slideshow and not only when mouse hove?


At first let me thank you for your new theme methys , it's really fantastic :-) and please to ask you how can i let the title and the body always visibe in the slideshow and not only withy mouse hover,? and plz can you tell me if i can divide the slideshow bloc into two blocs in order to use the second for the latest news for example or other things, and how ?because i'm newbie in drupal and in theme developpement.

thank one again

PS:i didn't find the methys theme in the list of the forum so excuse me to send my message in general discussion

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