Change look of TB Wall User Profile page



I am trying to edit one simple thing on the TB-wall profile page, the user avatar/image is way too small. No matter how I resize this in the CSS - which will affect everywhere else on the site - it never changes on the profile page.

What is the best way to override/change the current tb-wall profile page layout?

I have made user.tpl.php pages on my own and not had any changes apply to the tb-wall profile page.

TB Page - Menu link to anchor problem + How delete the "Style" menu ?



1. I have a problem with menus (such as, in the demo page*: Introduction, Portfolio, Team... ),
the called URL reaches the right anchor, but then automatically moves to the home page.

Does someone knows what it's about ?

2. How can I remove the "Styles" menu (last menu in the demo page*) and keep the default "Metro" style for the whole site ?


I really thank you for your help !

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