Mobile slideshow with overflow problem


When using Metroz on a mobile browser, touching the slideshow causes a change in the window size, leaving a blank area to the side of the content. (snapshot from the demo site attached).
any way of working around it / fixing it?

TB Sirate Slideshow


After following this guide
to create a slideshow i'm unable to get the slideshow to display. are all of the steps to creating the slideshow in the guide?
I followed the steps exactly as outlined. my site is here:

Could I be missing something?

How to Guide for TB Sirate


Does anyone have a How-To Guide for the TB-sirate theme? It would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to go recreate the demo site but i'm running into a few issues with adding a slideshow.

How to enable the slideshow in TB Rave?


this may seem a basic question, but for me: it's not.

how do i use the Rave front page slideshow? do i need to install views, slideshow, ctools, library - create new field - create a view - enable it in the slideshow region?

if so, the point of having that region in the theme is to have it already themed out, not to actually create all the moving parts?

i'm cool with that; i just want to be sure that's what's needed.

thanks. the theming work on Rave is great & will save me hours.

TB Mollise Slideshow Settings


i have a installed TB Mollise, but i have it built new, because the demo doesnt work.

Now i wanna have the big slideshow.

Can anyone help me with the settings i have to setup for the slideshow?


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