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Article title on the frontpage are not displayed :(



Using Tb methys, all my articles are displayed on the Main content region of the frontpage. But I am facing a strange issue: the title of my articles are not displayed. You can see this on

So I've checked the view (that is displaying content - teaser) and I can see the title in the preview.
So I've checked the CSS but I do not have the field node.title appearing. And no display: none on my custom css.

Displaying Node Title instead of Content Type as H1


Hello everyone,

i'd like to know if someone could please explain how i can change this to show only the node title instead of the content type as the page title.

I've read on that this is a feature of Nucleus, and i noticed that on the "Basic Page" content type it doesn't happen, only on the other content types, but i couldn't find out how to change it.

If someone could help with this, i would appreciate it very much.

Best Regards,


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