Google Chrome issues

Radio buttons in Google Chrome with TB Nex greyed out


I just wanted to share that we found a little problem with TB Nex: On Google Chrome radio buttons don't appear or appear greyed out whit this theme.

The problem is with this piece of css around line 981 of page.css:

/* not show box-shadow on iphone*/
input, textarea, select, .form-text,
.form-textarea-wrapper textarea{
-webkit-appearance: none !important;

and can be solved with this css which should be loaded after page.css:

Missing Blocks and layout issues on TB Metroz on Google Chrome


On the TB Metroz template there is a "Popular" section near the bottom and the picture takes up about 50% of the left side of the page. This image looks great in Firefox and Internet explorer - but in Chrome it hangs over the right hand side and covers the "Best sellers" part. - BUT if you resize the window it fixes it.

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