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TB_RAVE down ?


Hello !

The TB_Rave theme cannot be downloaded.

http://www.themebrain.com/downloads/tb_rave.zip give the following error : PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'themepro_themebrain.tb_download_keys' doesn't exist: SELECT k.* FROM {tb_download_keys} k WHERE (k.key_string IS NULL ) ; Array ( ) in include_once() (line 28 of /home/themepro/public_html/themebrain.inc).

Could you please git it back online, it seems very promising !

Best regards,


Could you fix this bug in multi-site installation?


The version nucleus-7.x-1.1-beta1 contains hard coded references to /sites/default/files instead using the configuration parameter Public file system path.

mkdir(DRUPAL_ROOT . "/sites/default/files/nucleus");

This causes problems in multi site installations, where the write rights are granted only for /sites//files

Could you help me with this issue?


when i want to chang Settings of TB Purity,there is An error occurred
Notice: Undefined index: region_title in nucleus_region_preview() (line 197 of E:\xampp\htdocs\test\sites\all\themes\nucleus\nucleus\inc\theme_settings_parts.inc).
Notice: Undefined index: region_title in nucleus_region_preview() (line 211 of E:\xampp\htdocs\test\sites\all\themes\nucleus\nucleus\inc\theme_settings_parts.inc).

Would you fix this?


Hallo to all! :-)

Only a little bug in a 'How to create a New Region explanation> http://www.themebrain.com/guide/how-add-new-region please notes and corrects lines

<div id="menu-bar-wrapper" class="wrapper">


<div id="new_region-wrapper" class="wrapper">

Ciao to all Drupal friends :-)


Are you going to develop Mobile Ready themes?


Dear Team,

These themes are absolutely fantastic!, one thing that I do sorely miss for which I have held your themes in great esteem, which is the "Mobile Ready" part. If you could use the scripting from the D6 in here as well, then you have the perfect package..


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