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Compress and aggregate tb wall



I was going to compress and aggregate my tb wall css from the performance settings in drupal to enable it to be a lot faster and also load faster for anonymous users and probably authenticated users too since i seems to be using a lot of resources on my server

Question is : Will i loose the designs on my TB wall...will it affect my website, i saw some people complaining of how it disfigure their website when the css was compressed...did anyone tried using it on their website...??


New and Events Block on University


Thanks for all your help, one last question. I've been through the University Theme "How to Build" and it's been super helpful. I did not see how to set up the NEWS AND EVENTS block on the homepage. (see attached image) I know it is created by a view, I just need your settings so the CSS styles will match up.

Also, this block will pull in the EVENTS content type and NEWS items? I did not see a NEWS content type.

thanks for your help

Upgrade TB wall


How can I upgrade TB WALL? with the new skins?

Displaying Node Title instead of Content Type as H1


Hello everyone,

i'd like to know if someone could please explain how i can change this to show only the node title instead of the content type as the page title.

I've read on that this is a feature of Nucleus, and i noticed that on the "Basic Page" content type it doesn't happen, only on the other content types, but i couldn't find out how to change it.

If someone could help with this, i would appreciate it very much.

Best Regards,


Fatal error in combination with module Webform 7.x-3.18


I've created a form using the Webform module (7.x-3.18) When selecting this form I run into an error:

Fatal error: [] operator not supported for strings in ~~~/drupal7/sites/all/themes/nucleus/nucleus/inc/ on line 410

Any idea to solve that problem?


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