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TB Social Feed is not working



After purchasing and installing TB Wall I've deleted all feeds that were previously there, and I've configured TB Social Feed (from admin/config/feed/tb_social_feed) to read my Facebook and Twitter accounts. When I click on Check Feed I do get a xml file with the data I expect.



Good day, I've purchased TB PAGE

Installed it today - (profile-type installation).

I changed

; one page menus


; Core regions


like this:

onepage_menu[page_home] = 'Home'


onepage_menu[page_home] = 'Домой"

clear my cache, add
AddDefaultCharset utf-8
to my .htaccess

and ... still got unreadable characters in menu.
please help!

Pease what part of TB Purity starter do i need to install to have the same as your Demo?


Dear sir,
Pease what part of TB Purity starter do i need to install to have the same as your Demo? I already have it downloaded but unable to install it as the files were too many and the URL of the files after unzipping it looks like this tb_purity_starter-7.x-1.0-beta1\tb_purity_starter\sites\all\themes\tb_purity

Please do i need to unzip it at first?
If yes, what part is needed?


TB Methys - change directory name brings errors



I changed the directory name of the tb_methys theme to reflect the name of the site (as I usually do with new sites).

As per usual, in order to do this I did the following steps:

1) change name to (where site name is... my sites name)
2) In the file template.php, I changed the following line:-

require_once drupal_get_path('theme', 'tb_methys') . '/inc/';

...changing tb_methys to reflect foldername.

After I reload the site, I get the following error:-

Add Sticky Sidebar


I would like to add a sticky sidebar on my website. I'm using tb purity with drupal 7. I have managed the css and the script with jquery also but I don't understand where should I paste my custom code. I don't want to show the sidebar inside blocks.

How can I do it?


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