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Block on frontpage of TB Wall Theme



I'm using your installation profile. I set up Popular Tags block to show on frontpage. And this single block took a lot of space from right side, space is enough for 3 columns of blocks (like on the page with showcase content). How can I decrease this empty space and left only 1 columnt for block?


Neris - OS-X


Hello TB,

I really like your themes - very nice and clean. I've been studying Neris. I have it installed via the profile download. When I try to add articles I get file upload failures with the following error in the log:

The upload directory public://field/slideshow for the file field field_slideshow could not be created or is not accessible. A newly uploaded file could not be saved in this directory as a consequence, and the upload was canceled.

How can I correct this?

I'm running Drupal 7.19 on OS-X 10.8.2


TB Wall: Facebook and Twitter Feeds not importing


Morning. I have a problem with the Facebook and Twitter Feeds. I entered the Data into the configuration for my FB and Twiiter feeds. If I click the CHECK Button they are also correctly displayed. But when I save & feed, nothing is imported.

I use a fresh install of TB Wall and deleted all prior entries to start fresh.

I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Any idea? If you need a account to enter my site, just ask. Thanks.

How can i translate a string from TB Wall?


Hello, i'm having trouble finding a string to translate in TB Wall.

When viewing a page with a large number of posts, an ajax loader appear with the following text "Loading the next set of posts..."

I've tried searching for that string so i could translate it, but i can't find it anywhere!

I'd appreciate if someone could please help me with this situation.

Best Regards,


Disable open_basedir is required


i try to install the mollise theme, but it does'nt work.

There is a Requirements System, that says, that i should disable open_basedir.

I hat asked my webspace host and get the answer, that i can't disable the open_basedir. This would be not supported.

Is there another way to fix this problem, or can't i use this Theme.


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