Technical Question

How to remove a node from front page?


Hi Themebrain.

First of all - Thank you very much for the awesome templates you provide!

I'm developing a test site, which you can see at this temp url:

Somehow, I've messed up a setting somewhere, so that the standard front page content (node 52, reading: HOW DO I REMOVE THIS FROM THE FRONT PAGE) is now displayed below the large jCarousel... Any idea on how to get rid of it again?


How to make side links for Facebook, RSS and so on?


First and foremost, thank you for your contributions to the Drupal community. I am a big fan of your nucleus base and as well as the subs you create as well.

I am using the Sirate theme and I am wanting to edit the links next to the slideshow like facebook, rss, and so on. First question, how do I go about linking these buttons to my own social networking accounts? Also for the buttons I don't want, how do I remove them?

I apologize for what may seem to be such a remedial question, but I am just kind of learning as I go.


Does TB Purity have a mobile display?



could you tell me if TB Purity has a mobile display (like T3 Framework for Joomla and Drupal 6) ?

How can I make blocks below the slideshow?


hello and thanks a lot for this great theme,

i want this blocks below the slideshow like in your theme-demo.
in the block-regions of tp_purity are no regions like nucleus with Panel first column 1 etc.
only panel first are in the list of tp_purity, if i use panel first the blocks shown among one another and not side by side like your demo.

pls help me.

thank you and best regards

How to make the main menu horizontal?


this is second issue.

i installed drupal 7.9 and applied nucleus and then tb_blog. but the menu system is shown vertically by default. after third/ fourth item in menu, "home" goes out of page top.

how to make main menu horizontal by default?


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