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Disable open_basedir is required


i try to install the mollise theme, but it does'nt work.

There is a Requirements System, that says, that i should disable open_basedir.

I hat asked my webspace host and get the answer, that i can't disable the open_basedir. This would be not supported.

Is there another way to fix this problem, or can't i use this Theme.

Facebook Connect compability


Hello there! =)

I'm using TB Sirate to build a new drupal site.

I'm trying to make some facebook integration, alowing users to login both with Drupal or facebook.

Here's the problem: I've tested 3 different modules to do so. None of them worh with TB Sirate (I have 2 independent sites using TB Sirate now). All of them work with other drupal sites that don't have TB Sirate installed.

Any clues of what can be making this problem? There are no error messages or warnings of any type, but the Facebook integration simply don't work...

TB Methys II SEO Optimized?


I am planning to buy TB Methys II for a technology news magazine. Is the theme SEO optimized as it doesn't mention in the details. Also there seems to be no support for user pictures.


theme download corrupt


When I try to unzip those themes I've downloaded from I get an error message. Am I too stupid? I get a "unexpected end of archive" message regardless which file I'll unpack. (tried with tb_methys, tb_mollise, tb_sirate) Where's the trick?

website url alias


Hi, I would like to how to get the home back to .com without a url alias. Right now its .com/sites/all/themes/tb_purity/ with the demo theme.


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