What is the past of Azshara in World of Warcraft


World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth will be updated to Rise of Azshara. We all know that this battle will bring the Queen of Naga, who was once the night elf queen and the most powerful witch in Azeroth. Although rare in the WOW Classic Gold history of World of Warcraft, she has always been present.
Azeroth because it is seen today wasn't always a planet stuffed with floating islands and two large continents. Within the age when Azshara ruled the Kaldorei Empire, there was one landmass. While beloved by the Night Elves, Azshara believed that each one of the opposite races on Azeroth were inferior. She and her Highborne Quel'Dorei consorted with the Burning Legion and with Sargeras himself to wipe these races from the earth. After a discovered plot to prevent her efforts to bring the Legion to Azeroth was thwarted, Azshara confronted Mannoroth about his recent failures. He was enraged and wanted to destroy her but realized that she "was a force against which only his lord and Archimonde would prove superior", a transparent indicator of her vast power. Even so, she didn't calculate the resistance among the common Kaldorei those that ultimately destabilized the Well of Eternity and blew the one continent apart into what's now seen on Azeroth today.
There is no in-game record of the Sundering, but it is learned within the War of the Ancients trilogy of novels by Richard Knaack. We did, however, get a peek into that cataclysmic day within the Azshara Warbringers video sent out by Blizzard prior to the discharge of Battle for Azeroth. In it, we see Azshara literally holding back the ocean threatening to engulf her Empire until encouraged by a dying fish under the control of N'Zoth, one among the Old Gods, to let go. Over the course of the following minutes, Azshara sinks to the underside of the ocean and comes face to...eyeball...with N'Zoth. Azshara, always on the lookout for a bargain in her favor, struck a cater to the imprisoned N'Zoth who turned Azshara and her people into what we now know as Naga. Visit MMOWTS can buy WOW Classic Gold. They will provide you with quality service and the required security.
We have not seen or heard much from Azshara, but she is an ever-present force. Her naga has had a component to Buy WOW Classic Gold play throughout the sport from its earliest levels through Battle for Azeroth. While players often confront Naga forces as they level, Azshara herself has only made some appearances: Once during Cataclysm, within the Well of Eternity within the Caverns of your time and later in Legion in Azsuna when questing with Farondis.

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