What Is Network Gaming?


In the modern world, people spend most of their free time in front of the computer playing online games. Computer games became a popular leisure activity at the end of the twentieth century. In these games, a person can live in the world of fantasy, horror, romance, and even sport. For girls and boys, there are no parameters and boundaries. An individual can be completely free. Despite this fact, people should not forget that it is a virtual life and, thus, not much time should be spent on it. Nowadays, there are different opinions about online games. Great numbers of people think that online games develop violence in individuals. Nevertheless, there are still many people who believe that these games have many advantages. In my opinion, online games have many advantages because a person can plunge into the world of fantasy and fairy-tale, relax, earn money, and develop different useful skills.
There are many advantages of online gaming. First of all, a person can make many friends from around the world while playing online games. This fact can be extremely helpful for people who are reserved or shy. Thus, the virtual world can help to deal with shyness and instil self-confidence. Online games also develop new interests. Moreover, with the help of online games, a person learns how to manage a group of people. In essence, a big online game is a small model of a specific society. Therefore, players can achieve not only virtual victories. In the world of the game, people often get acquainted with future husbands and wives, find a new job in the like-minded environment, gain new experience, and hone old skills. Many people can discover a talent for journalism, writing or music. With the help of online games, people study computer technologies such as 3D-modelling, Photoshop, Flash, and others. Gamers also learn to defend their interests in disputes that can arise during the game. To become a good player, a person needs to think well. With the help of different online games, people can learn the ways of innovation they need to succeed in the modern world. In online strategy games, it is necessary to consider future moves and actions to defeat enemies. Moreover, online games help to develop imagination. The beauty of landscapes and terrifying appearance of monsters are great works of artists. Creators of computer games try to make them as realistic as possible. This fact is applied not only to the graphic art but also to the gaming system. Online games have everything as in real life such as relations, food, clothes, love, hatred, children, and even pets. Avid gamers of such genre as role-playing games frequently have lucid dreams.
An important advantage of online games is the ability to make money on them. It should be noted that a phenomenon of e-sports has aroused great interest among many gamers. All kinds of game tournaments with cash rewards have enough popularity around the world. However, not only tournaments serve as a way of earning money. Another example is well-known bloggers, who earn money by allowing other people to watch how they play online games.
Despite all advantages, there are still many disadvantages of online gaming. The main drawback of such games is the fact that they take much time. When people turn on an online game, they fall into a kind of trance. However, some people are able to stop in time, while others leave their mind and thoughts in the virtual life. The habit of playing online games is especially manifested in teenagers. The development of a new character, assistance to friends, chatting, and performance of various tasks can take all free time of a player. An inveterate gamer often skips work or school to play the next game. There are also frequent cases when people are fired from their jobs and expelled from universities because they constantly play games. They quarrel with family members and friends. Furthermore, a kind of addiction can even develop. The fact that gamers spend much time playing leads to psychological and physical problems. The computer causes irreparable physical harm to players. It is manifested in a decrease in mobility and physical activity. As a result, this leads to the development of many diseases such as scoliosis, obesity, and others. In addition, games cause great mental harm to players. They lead to the lack of interest in other areas of life, stresses, and uncontrolled aggression. Moreover, many games are rather cruel. Online games often cause the aggressive and violent behaviour of players. It is especially applied to people with the weak psyche. Investment of money in a game is considered another serious disadvantage of online gaming. Both adults and young people frequently do not realize that investing money in a game is only a temporary pleasure. Game bonuses end very quickly and, thus, users spend even more money to continue a game. People do not realize how much money they have invested in an online game. There are many games that even cannot bring profit. In addition, all fights and murders in the virtual world do not lead anywhere except increasing the level of the game. People do not see the main enemy in front of them. Therefore, there is no complete victory. Good never triumphs over evil. The enemy is always different and more powerful than the previous one. As it has already been mentioned, excessive playing of online games may lead to negative consequences. Therefore, people, especially children and adolescents, should always know when to stop. To solve this problem, it is necessary to occupy them with something. For example, children and adolescents can attend various sports classes. However, they should be necessarily interested in them. Another solution relates to adult players. If a person wants to play less, he/she should record how much time is spent on playing computer games. Every day, it is necessary to play for an hour less. This gradual reduction will help to spend less time on online games.
These days, online games have received great popularity among people around the world. It is believed that the virtual world is not real, and everything does not make sense there. However, it is not true. Exciting games help to relax, spend free time, reveal hidden opportunities, and find new talents. Moreover, people can even earn money playing an online game. The main thing for a gamer is to see a clear boundary between real and virtual actions as well as emotions.
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