What do you think about these suggestion?



So i was playing around a bit on my local machine with the beta last weekend, but had no time yet to go deeper. Drag and drop of the module areas works pretty nice.

If I would be new to Drupal and theming, so from the later user side I have two suggestions until now in my mind:

First I think it would be nice to pack into the demo package the jqupdate module already for the drag and drop, even I think whoever uses drupal, know what they have to do ;)

Second one is the google fonts you can use in the theme config area. I would suggest to have a drop down list of them, maybe not all for performance reasons but around 5-10 to choose from.

This week I will try the Nucleus "naked" without the demo package, maybe I find something when I build up a side from scratch...great work so far! :)


(I will later post my config I am testing with, maybe it helps somehow)

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Great Feedback for Nucleus 1.1

Hi Lutz,

thanks for your feedback. We will put your feedback into our product backlog. Good point with the jQuery update module, I was a bit confused as well when I first time installed the new version. Just want keep in clean, I will discuss it with out team.

For the google font, hard to make a decision which to include. Do you have any favourites?




Good question with the fonts, I often see design fonts like: Pacifico, Lobster and cleaner ones like the Ubuntu font which I personally love, or 3 more stylish kind fonts, 3 serif and 3 non-serif clean fonts. Really hard to say I agree...:)

So far still no bugs, I decided to make a portfolio style Website for an artist friend of mine with Drupal instead of WordPress today. I really want go deeper in it, and use Nucleus and on of your templates as starting point. Will post the result later, I will use the Nucleus 1.1...