What is the difference between Regions, Sidebars and Panels?


Hello everybody,
Actually im a drupal developer... and i worked with joomlart framework and and i think i need now to understand this great framework....
i just wanna know the Difference between
Regions, Sidebars, Panels
Actually what i know is that i can create new region with drupal but not didn't hear about Sidebars, Panels before as a drupal structure

Is that different in the theming only ?...please attach some examples
i found here URL that not working which titled with How to build a layout as in following example ... please correct this url...:)

thanksss :)


Hi bazo0oka,

Thanks for your question,

I'd like to explain about three concepts: region, sidebar & panel:

- Region: is a normal Drupal region like header, footer, highlighted, ...
- Sidebar: it is also a region, additionaly we create a method to help user can add any more sidebar they like to make the layout become 2 columns, 3 columns, 4 columns, ... easily.
- Panel: some regions appear in the sample line, and we can put it anywhere in our site

For more clearly about these concepts, you could go through http://www.themebrain.com/guide/how-build-custom-layout and focus on the examples layout




Thxx and please disable the PHP Filter because its very dangerous to be enabled for the normal users


ok but ... please, the suggest link "http://www.themebrain.com/guide/how-build-custom-layout" seems doens't works corretc! Error 404 flash on my eyes :-)

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