What is Azshara in World of Warcraft now? What will happen in the future?


This is a brief overview of the attack on the Azshara Eternal Palace and what may happen in the future of the Battle of Azshara. What do you think of Azshara? Will she play a role in Azshara after BfA? Let's take a look!
Who is Azshara now
With the arrival of v8.2 "Rise of Azshara" sometime this summer, players will finally confront the Queen herself. We all know she has been at add Kul Tiras after Lord Stormsong announces his wish to provide the whole Kul Tiran fleet to her. We see her within the Shrine of the Storm and later along the shores of Kul Tiras. She has also had a hand within the Classic WOW Gold Zandalari rebellion led by Zul and has sent her forces into Vol dun to retrieve the Ring of Tides.
Azshara is functioning with N'Zoth, the sole living Old God (Or is he???), though it remains to be seen if she is functioning for N'Zoth or using him to her own ends. She has never made a secret of her wish for more power and to be the final word ruler of all Azeroth. However, when players confront her within the Eternal Palace raid, they learn that she is attempting to interrupt the locks on N'Zoth's prison.
What is in Azshara's future?
Why Azshara chooses to release N'Zoth at this point remains unknown. It's particularly vexing since she has been a Naga for over 10,000 years and maybe might need done so earlier. However, many surmise that she was unable to release N'Zoth until after players retrieved the Tidestone of Golganneth, one in each of the Pillars of Creation, something that definitely piqued Azshara's curiosity. After the completion of the Tomb of Sargeras where the Pillars of Creation were accustomed defeat the Legion, Azshara's forces have taken the abandoned Tidestone and she or he is now using it for her own purposes. MMOWTS is the best place to buy WOW Classic Gold. If you want to buy WOW Classic Gold, then I suggest you to visit MMOWTS.
As players move through Nazjatar, Azshara, who has the flexibility to Buy WOW Classic Gold work out and listen to everything in her domain, inserts herself into conversations and events to taunt players. Heading into the raid, players hear plenty from the Queen as she speaks of her power and has this interesting thought to share, "The bargain was struck on MY terms, and thru it, my loyal followers embraced a grand destiny. You can't see the reality yet, but you may. Oh, how you will! Every move you've got made has been in step with MY will. The Black Empire rises...and the world awaits its true queen."

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