Top Menu Paths



How can I change the Top Menu navigation URL paths?

Even I change the "Menu link title" the path always are "new-posts", "photos" and "videos".



Hi Davut,

Changing title of a menu link does not affect its URL paths because they are separated. Moreover, each URL path of the Top Menu in the demo is defined by a view. You want to change URL path of a menu item, you have to modify its associated view. Here are associated view for each Top Menu item:

  • "New Posts" is defined by "Demo Pages" view
  • Photos is defined by "Photo Pages" view
  • Videos is defined by "Videos Pages" view

Below are instructions to change path of Videos menu item:

  1. Log in your site as an admin
  2. Go to Structure > Views > Find and edit "Videos Page" view
  3. At "Page Settings", change its path to your desired one
  4. Save the view

Kind regards,