TB Wall images doesn`t load


I`ve changed Field name in Content types (Article) from Image to Slika, and then, on the loading, the page had crashed previewing no image in content on a front page. After resetting field name from Slika to Image again, nothing happened, there`s still no images in teasers and content, moreover, the whole page lost its configuration and shape of the published articles. help?


I don't know how you change the field name from Image to Slika or how you change teaser display, but the error won't happen as long as the machine name for the field is kept.


nah...I`m good now, just have

nah...I`m good now, just have been changed teaser display layout.... I would love to say that I`m new to Drupal, but that`s not the issue...sorry...

and everything is just fine,

and everything is just fine, except this message.....
`Notice: Undefined variable: tb_wall_classes in tb_wall_preprocess_views_view_grid() (line 173 of /home/jola19/public_html/sites/all/themes/tb_wall/template.php).`

Below are instructions to

Below are instructions to hide the message:
* Open the file sites/all/themes/tb_wall/template.php
* Move the code $tb_wall_classes = array(); on line 165 to above code $view = $vars['view']; line 162 :
* Save the file