TB University



i want to ask some question about TB university.
first, what is version of drupal that TB university can support now? can it support to drupal 8.x?

second, how about technical support and guarantee ? I mean, if there's a error from the theme of TB university.

third, there's have a user guide?

thank you much,


Hi windysaroh,

Although your questions has been answered by email. I would like to write the answer here again for other users which have a similar questions to you.

Firstly, TB University and other TB themes are compatible with Drupal 7.x and they haven't supported Drupal 8.x yet.
Secondly, whenever you purchase a theme from our site, we will support you in 6 months to solve issue related to that theme. See How do we support for more information.
Thirdly, we do have guides for TB University and other premium themes. Check them out here