TB Uber - few questions


Hi Themebrain Team!

First of all i want to report about broken download section. I bought a theme, then i recieved a download link but it's seems to be broken.
I was trying generate the new one three times and the link that i recieved also seems to be broken.
I have blank screen and nothing is happened.

What difficulties will face PostgreSQL users? Is this theme will be fully functional to them?
If yes - can I export some nodes, settings, panel or views from MySQL site and import them to this one which runs on PostgreSQL?

Is there "tb-megamenu" module fully integrated with your theme? I am asking for it because we see image-style of megamenu on the demo page.

When can we see documentation? :)

Ps. on question form in product field "TB Uber" as choice is missing.

Best Regards,

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