TB Uber - Accordion Panels not working!


Your theme is based on Bootstrap but we cannot use Bootstrap Accordion Panels
I think that You guys overrided default .colapse class!

When You use this code the all acordion panels body will be opened.
Its broken, can You fix this?

.collapse {visibility:hidden;}
.collapse.in {visibility: visible;}

Those lines are missing comparing your uber.bootstrap.css with original bootstrap.css
But when I add this, the main menu (tb-megamenu) is also hidden.

Ps. What else I cannot use? :((((


Hi Szymon,

This issue of Bootstrap Accordion panels has been solved in our latest development version, TBUber-7.x-1.1-dev. Let us know if you would like to try it out. We could send it to your mailbox.

Kind regards,