TB Simply How to add logo !?


Can someone write exactly how to add a logo?

I am in the settings of the skin in the administration, I check to show the logo but the settings are not written!


Hi Olek, this is a default setting of Drupal. You can disable and enable a logo in the back-end.
Go to Appearance -> Theme setting -> Global
There you can see 2 sections:

1. Toggle Display: Here you can enable display settings among this list you find the "Logo" check-box

2. Logo Settings: Here you can either check the "default" logo check-box or upload and refer to the path of your custom logo.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your response.

Thank you for your response. I do not know why not save these settings when i try to enable logo, I press save and settings not save :(

Meaby i need to check some

Meaby i need to check some chmod permission ? But where ?

Comone i need help :(

Comone i need help :(

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