TB Page - Make internal links work like menu item links


In the page-home-wrapper view, there's a "View our works" button. I gave this button a link to the portfolio region, copying the link from the portfolio menu item (using inspect element). Here's the link that I have in there: Our Work.

It works, sort of, but it doesn't work like the menu item link. First, it doesn't scroll with easing. Second, it doesn't align properly at the top.

Is there something I'm missing in this? How can I get my "View our work" button to work like a menu item link?


You have to use extra class and add extra JavaScript to make it work like main menu links. Below are instructions:
* Add the class "onepage-nav" to your links
* Go to sites/all/themes/tb_page/js/tb_page.js
* Replace code at line 135
$('.btn-btt, .arrow-down a').smoothScroll({
by following code:
$('.btn-btt, .arrow-down a, .onepage-nav').smoothScroll({
* Save the file and refresh your browser