TB Nex - How to Show Views Title



I really dig this theme, but I'm having an issue displaying a/the title when creating a new view page.

Can you please explain how to show/hide the title on views?




Hi oden,

Due to TB Nex design, page title is displayed only in breadcrumb area. If you want to display it normally, you could add following code to the file sites/all/themes/tb_nex/tpl/page.tpl.php after line 203:
<?php print render($title_prefix); ?>
<?php if ($title): ?>
<div id="main-title-outer">
<div class="container clearfix">
<h1 id="page-title"><?php print $title; ?></h1>
<?php endif; ?>
<?php print render($title_suffix); ?>


Fantastic - thanks.