TB Mollise Slideshow Settings


i have a installed TB Mollise, but i have it built new, because the demo doesnt work.

Now i wanna have the big slideshow.

Can anyone help me with the settings i have to setup for the slideshow?


Hi Mario,
You can take the Methys II Slideshow userguide as a reference.
The settings will not be the same but the steps should be similar :)
Here is the guide:


Works great! Thank you


After reading 'TB Mollise

After reading 'TB Mollise Sliedeshow Settings' article from Questions:

1. add image field to node with name Frontslider (label: inline, Format: hidden)
2. create frontslider nodes with images 1600x600px (no need for image style crop effect)
3. create frontslider views with slideshow and cycle. Fields: only image (no need for title/body)
4. assign Frontslider block to slideshow region

1. slideshow images does not align to center align but to left
2. browser (firefox) horizontal scroll bar appears

any ideas what I am doing wrong?

It could due to some css

It could due to some css constraint. Add following css to the end of sites/all/themes/tb_mollise/css/views.css to fix your issue:

#slideshow-wrapper .region-slideshow {
position: relative;
text-align: center;

#slideshow-wrapper .views-row {
overflow: hidden;
width: 100%;

i did that but did not solve

i did that but did not solve the problem.
Comparing the livedemo with download version i see some differences
1) element.style width value is smallest on livedemo.
2) another element.style width property is missing.
3) element.style width value automatically change in livedemo but not in download version

respective screenshots are posted in this url
[ http://postimage.org/gallery/2gfw93b4/ac0b7659 ]

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