TB Methys - change directory name brings errors



I changed the directory name of the tb_methys theme to reflect the name of the site (as I usually do with new sites).

As per usual, in order to do this I did the following steps:

1) change tb_methys.info name to sitename.info (where site name is... my sites name)
2) In the file template.php, I changed the following line:-

require_once drupal_get_path('theme', 'tb_methys') . '/inc/preprocess_functions.inc';

...changing tb_methys to reflect foldername.

After I reload the site, I get the following error:-

Notice: Undefined variable: created_day in include() (line 100 of /home/site2/public_html/sites/all/themes/sitename/tpl/node.tpl.php).
Notice: Undefined variable: created_month in include() (line 100 of /home/site2/public_html/sites/all/themes/sitename/tpl/node.tpl.php).

The variable are in preprocess_functions.inc file. I can't find any other things that I think I should change to make these errors go away. Can anyone suggest a solution please?



It is not recommended to change directory name of tb_methys theme. When you change directory name of a theme, it means you create a new theme. So you have to change only the directory name, but also the code inside that theme.



Thanks, I realise that you also have to change the code inside the theme; if you see my 1st post you can see my attempt at doing so. I always change the directory name to obfuscate those from finding out the origins of the theme easily. I've always managed to do this with other themes. Lots of people do this. This is the 1st time I've not been able to quickly solve any error messages that pop up by sifting through the code and change one or two minor things.

I prefer to find a solution rather than to sit back and say it can't or shouldn't be done. its not my style. This is the mentality of a hacker (in the original sense of the word)... been coding over 25 years, but sometimes a little advice can save bundles of time.

What I am asking here is for guidance how to solve my problem faced with this particular theme. Pretty sure someone has done this already?