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I am user the Purity Theme for your webpage at I noticed that on the frontpage the pager to switch between the frontpage-pages is for admins only. Not for other roles or anonymous visitors. I like to switch the pager on for all visitors - just as it is in "Blogs".

I am not sure if this has something to do with the Drupal core or with the Theme. I've googled and found various hits pointing to theme-issues. I've also checked the theme but couldn't find anything point to an admin-only pager check.

Maybe I have to handover the front-page to the "Views" module (which is already installed but not yet used for the frontpage).

Any hint would be great!

Cheers, Marc

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We've checked your site as an

We've checked your site as an anonymous user and I saw that the pager was enabled. Maybe this problem was solved?

You should have to maintain

You should have to maintain the quality of the front page. you can get the example from the Australian assignment help as they are working as admin with the front page.

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