Showcase images


I did a fresh install using the profile install you provide.
Upgraded core and installed backup and migrate.
then try to add content to type showcase.
3 showcase images and 1 thumbnail. I have made no changes to the content type at all.
the main image is not sized correctly ( image style was created by theme)
thumbnails are missing but have some weird boxes ( image style was created by theme)

what is going on here? and how do I fix it? It looks to be just fine on the theme page from theme forest where I just bought it

Thanks .

Honestly I could not wait a week for a response, so I have to move on and figure another way to accomplish the gallery. But you could look into this by just installing the theme as mentioned above. This would be good for people that are paying for the theme to know that this part does not work. I have 3 images uploaded, here in this pic. the main image, ends up with a lot of black below it and then the thumbnails end up correct size but, appears to be zoomed in A LOT.

I do have a sport issue that I will start a case for, I just do not have the time to do it till tonight and it is an active issue for me.


Hi Craig,

It will be better if you could provide screenshots. If you don't mind, could you provide us an admin account to your site? We need to take a deep look at it. Please send your private info to

Kind regards,