Share bar (floating) and repeated (and more days) events



In the theme TB SIRATE is floating share bar (vertical bar with icons - FB etc.) - please be so kind to post some administrative advices (any User Interface?).

I would like to run an academy site (I am thinking about buy TB University) and I will need very good event handling solution, which I not found in sitte yet - I found some, but it was huge module (much dependencies) or without wanted features (onn the other side). I need at least some events as repeated and some events more days long (and some both long and repeated). Also I would like some connection with the Google Calendar (iCall would be better I think) - and with Facebook Events (if possible). I want somethink like the Feeds module, not just Agenda module - Feeds means real transfer of content (therefore new nodes, searchable even just within the site), but Agenda just showing the content (thereefore it is not searchable within the site).
If you could provide me with such solution (I will provide details if you are interested - deals depend on you, as I am near helpless), I will become your grateeful customer! :)

Sample site (with the Agenda module at right side)...:
Target site (now TB SIRATE)...: = started over and eventually it will be started over with new profile if choosed so - depends partially at answers to questions written above ;).

Thank you in advance (also I sent this by contact form from your site),

M. Radan Chrobok Ph.D.
Professor of psychology, management and marketing,
founder and leader of prestigious university DMDU


Hi Radan,

Thanks for your interest in ThemeBrain products and services. Unfortunately, ThemeBrain team is not available for your custom request at the moment. Please contact other Drupal developer to help you develop your advanced event handling solution.

Moreover, there is no user interface for the floating right-side social bar. If you want to change links, you have to modify the template file. Below are instructions:
* Go to sites/all/themes/tb_sirate/tpl
* Open the file page.tpl.php
* Social bar markup are from line 301 to 316 at the end of the file:

<div id="social-share-wrapper">
  <?php global $base_root; ?>
    <div class="social-share-inner">       
      <a href="#" class="icon-social-1"> </a>
      <a href="#" class="icon-social-2"> </a>
      <a href="#" class="icon-social-3"> </a>        
      <a href="#" class="icon-social-4"> </a>
      <a href="#" class="icon-social-5"> </a>
      <a href="#" class="icon-social-6"> </a> 
      <a href="#" class="icon-social-7"> </a> 
      <a href="#" class="icon-social-8"> </a> 
      <a href="#" class="icon-social-9"> </a> 

* Each <a>..</a> element is a share icon. Replace its "#" with your own url.
* Save the file

Kind regards,



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