Netgear Router Not Turning On


If you are facing the issue of your Netgear Router not turning on, then it is suggested that you have a look into the matter carefully. You can then follow the steps that have been listed below which would help you solve the issue:
• Check the Outlet
o Ensure that the LED lights on the front are blinking, if they are not then there might be some issue with the outlet. Check and double check the power outlet to ensure everything is functioning.
• Ensure the Power Adapter is functioning
o Most of the Netgear routers use 12V DC, 2.5A power adapters. If your adapter is not functioning then would have an issue is powering up your router. You can analyze this if the LED lights in the front are not going off, it means the firmware is encountering some malfunctions.
• Try and reset the router
o You can always use the reset button which is provided at the back of the router, it would put your router back to the factory settings which would ensure all issues are solved.
If these steps do not help, immediately connect with the Netgear customer service number and avail professional help.

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