Menu items for TB Page show in menu, but pages do not display


Hmm, I followed the instructions on how to create and add new regions on
What I did
I started out with the TB_Page_Demo site, and tried to make changes to the existing menu's in I renamed the regions and menu's as follows. After that I cleared the Drupal cache (via the admin menu).

; Core regions
regions[content] = 'Main content'
regions[help] = 'Help'
regions[page_home] = 'Home'
regions[page_diensten] = 'Diensten'
regions[page_visie] = 'Visie'
regions[page_uitgelichte_projecten] = 'Uitgelichte Projecten'
regions[page_kwaliteiten] = 'Kwaliteiten'
regions[page_contact_cv] = 'Contact en CV'
regions[footer] = 'Footer'

; one page menus
onepage_menu[page_home] = 'Home'
onepage_menu[page_diensten] = 'Diensten'
onepage_menu[page_visie] = 'Visie'
onepage_menu[page_uitgelichte_projecten] = 'Uitgelichteprojecten'
onepage_menu[page_kwaliteiten] = 'Kwaliteiten'
onepage_menu[page_contact_cv] = 'Contact en CV'

What I see
As expected, I can now see the corresponding regions under admin/structure/block, and no blocks have been assigned to these new regions. As expected, I can only see the home menu when I look at my site.

What ssems to be going wrong
However, if I add blocks to these new regions, the corresponding menu items appear on my site, but the pages themselves remain empty (ie I can see the menu items and the homepage, but none of the other pages).

Am I doing something wrong here? Or is something messing up in the database or something?


Hi Edo,

You have to modify page--front.tpl.php to display your defined regions. We have updated the guide about this. Please have a look at this page:


Ok thanks, that worked!
This seems a bit complicated for a paid theme though....
And BTW, the correct folder for this file is sites\all\themes\tb_page\tpl (tpl is missing in the newly added comment).


I have the same issue, and

I have the same issue, and have followed the steps listed above (and as in the TB Page guide). However, I cannot find the file page--front.tpl.php to make changes to display the defined regions. There is no such file in sites/all/themes/tb_page/tpl.

Where is the page--front.tpl.php file?