making more skins with TB NEX


I just bought TB NEX, and I like the ability to change skins. I also notice the skins directory in the theme. I'd like to know how to add more skins, so that I can make a larger library of colors to use. How do I do this?


Hi mateomiguel,

Thank you for purchasing our product. Moreover, multi-skins is a feature supported by Nucleus base theme. Below are instructions to add a new skin:
* Define a new skin in The file is located at sites/all/themes/tb_nex if you use TB Nex demo profile package. Add the following line to define a new skin:
Format: skins[your_skin_key] = 'Your Skin Name'
Ex: skins[blue] = 'Blue'
* Create a new skin folder. This folder has to created inside "skins" folder with exactly your_skin_key as a name. It will contain following items:
+ images: is a folder which contains all background images used by your skin
+ logo.png: this image will be used site logo for the skin.
+ style.css: where you put all your custom css for this skin.

Note: Remember to clear your Drupal cache after you define your new skin.