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I am using a tb mitius theme

Please how do I set up a good working login system....where users are allowed to sign up and a confirmation login email is sent to their email for confirmation.

I just need one that is working just like the one you have here...I dont need any administrator confirmation...I am having lots of spam issues...

users are required to log in before posting comments...I also need a way where they are redirected to post comment after login in or signing up newly

And also I need the logout link to display when the user is logged in and via - versa

Also my site is kind of loading slow....


Hi pekunmi,

Drupal 7 core provides several options to manage account registration. Below are instructions:
* Logging in your site as an admin
* Go to Configuration > Account settings > Registration and cancellation
* There are 3 options for Who can register accounts?: Administrators only, Visitors, Visitors, but administrator approval is required. In your case, you should choose Visitors
* Enable "Require e-mail verification when a visitor creates an account"
* Save configuration

Moreover, to configure destination redirection after logging in, i suggest you take a look at Login Destination.

Next, to create links for login, logout or register, you should see my answers for the question USER LOGIN/REGISTER.

Furthermore, performance is hot topic in Drupal community. There are plenty of approaches to improve your Drupal site performance. Below are several posts that you should have a look at:
* Caching to improve performance
* Drupal 7 Performance Optimization Options and Checklist
* 5 Ways to Improve Drupal 7 Performance

Finally, please provide your paypal email & transaction id of your purchase to help us support you better. Please send those information to help@themebrain.com

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