Know how you can recover the Google Account & Gmail?


If you have forgotten the password and username, or you are not getting a verification code, then you should follow below steps for Google Account Recovery. In this way, you can use services such as Gmail, Photo and Google Play.

Important Note- If you are using an account by your work, school or another group, then these steps will not work. Contact your administrator for help.

Forgot the Password
You need to follow each step carefully for recovering your account.

You will be asked a few questions to confirm that this is your account or not.
If you are getting difficulty, then try the tips to complete the account recovery steps.
Follow the below-mentioned steps to complete account recovery Steps
If you are unable to sign in, follow these steps for increasing the chances of returning to Google Accounts:

First, click on the account help page.
Once completing the steps, you can use several tips. (You cannot see all the questions described here.)
If you have already tried for recovering the account and did not receive the message "Google couldn't verify that this is your account" then you should try again.

What are the steps to google account recovery for android,
If you want to know the steps for Google account recovery for Android, then you need to carefully follow the steps given below. If you can not sign in anytime, add recovery information to make sure you can get back to your Google Account.

How recovery information helpful for you
Have you forgotten the password
Is someone else using your Google Account
You are locked out of your Google Account, for any other reason
You should add or change your recovery Phone Number
On the Android phone & tablet, you need to open the device's Settings app.
Now, click on the top, tap security option.
Under "logging in to Google" you should click on the recovery phone. You may need to log in.
From here, you are allowed to:
Add a recovery Phone.
Change the recovery phone: Next to the number, choose Edit.
Delete the recovery phone: Next to the number, Click on Delete.
Now, follow the steps carefully, which is given on the screen.
Important Note- For deleting the recovery phone number can not be used for other Google services. For changing your phone number, visit your google account.

Which Number you should use
You should use a mobile phone:

Helps you get a text message
Which is only yours
Which phone number do you regularly use
When you are logging in to the Google Account, that time, you get "an attempt to log in" Immediately send to your phone.

Log in with your Phone Number
While you are trying to log in, then you should enter the email address and your phone number.
Click on the Next. then you can see a reminder for checking your phone.
After that, you need to unlock your mobile phone.
Now, click on the yes, when you see “trying to log in”.
Know the use of the Google Account Recovery Phone Number
If you've been locked at any time, to send a code for getting you into your Google account.
Preventing someone from using your account without your permission.
It is easy for you to determine, that google account is yours
To tell if there is any suspicious activity in your Google account
If the Google Account recovery phone number is similarly as different phone number and you have added into google account, then it can be used for other personal activities.

Update, add or remove your Phone Number
First, you have to open your Google Account.
Now, you need to click on the Personal Information & choose contact Information > Phone.
After that, you can Add your new phone number: Choose the option "Also add a recovery phone for keeping the account secure." Choose the country related to your phone number from the drop-down menu & write your new phone number.
Change the phone number- you will see the option, next to the number, choose edit and update number.
Delete the phone number- just next to the phone number, choose the Delete option to remove your number.
Into the box that appears, follow the directions.
Important Note- Changing the number in the Google Account only affects a few Google services.

Make a call to google to recover an account
If you are facing any kind of issues while recovering an account, then you can make a call to google to recover an account. The support team will provide you some relevant steps.

Get Information about My Google Account Recovery
What happens, when you do not have access to your recovery email or phone number?
You can still manually recover access to your account by confirming your identity.

Click on the Google Account Recovery page.
Now, you need to enter the email address & click on the continue.
If you see the option to enter your previous password, then you need to click on “I don’t Remember” option.
Click on Verify the identity, which is located under all other options.
Then you will be asked a list of questions, which you should answer according to your knowledge. If you can give correct information, you will perceive your account back.

How to reset the Google account password?
Do you want to know how you can change your password? Then, need to follow some steps carefully. Before resetting the password, you have to give the answers to some questions. When you are not getting an email:

First, you need to check your Bulk & Spam mail folder.
After that, you should add no reply google. com in the address book.
For requesting other emails, you have to follow more steps for recovering the account.
Check all the email addresses that you have used to sign up or sign in to your account.
How to generate a strong password and a more secure account?
A secure password & refreshed recovery information aid keep the Google account protected.
Method 1:
Generate a strong password for your account. It aids you:

For keeping your personal information secure.
Secure your files, email, & other content too.
Block someone else from accessing your private account
Complete password requirements
Make your password by using 8 letters or more. It can be any combination of numbers, letters, and symbols (ASCII characters).
You can not use a password:

Especially weak. For example: "password123"
You have used before your account
Starts or ends with empty space
You should follow the tips for your new password
Make a unique password.
Make longer and memorable password.
Use number, letters, & symbols.
Always avoid personal information plus general words.
How to prevent the Google account from hacking?
If you want to prevent your Google account from hacking, then you have to follow some protection steps.

First, you have to set up the two-step verification.
After that, you need to check, when the Gmail messages are being forwarded without your approval.
You should know where your personal Google Account is accessed?
You should select a unique, and hard-to-crack password.
Always secure your system.
Why do you use your Gmail in another system?
How to unlock a Gmail Account?
If you want to know how you can unlock your Gmail account, then you have to perform some essential steps carefully. It supports if you can not remember your Gmail username/password or your account has locked.

There are several unsuccessful efforts to sign in to a Gmail account:
Google may reconsider getting an attack or compromise on a Google account.
Users cannot able to send mail by using their email client.
For fixing the issue, or if you've forgotten the username or password, then Google recommends unlocking CAPTCHA.
Google may take 3-5 days to send username/password information to the recovery email address.
Launch the internet browser and then visit the Gmail website.
Click on the “Need Help” option.
Again click on the relevant option.
I don’t know my username.
I am facing another issue in login.
I don’t know my password.
Why unable to log in to Google Account?
If you can not sign in to your Google Account on Gmail, Google Play, Google Drive or other places, then select the issue that is most closely applicable to you. Follow the instructions to help you get back into your account.

When the user has forgotten the google account password.
The user forgot the username or the email address which they use for login.
Sometimes user knows the username or password. Still, they are able to sign in.
The user thinks someone else is using their account.
While the user is facing an issue with two step’s verification.
The user can not reset the password with a code by text.
Sometimes the user uses a Google Account via their school, work, or other groups.


If you can not sign in to your Google Account on Gmail, Google Play, Google Drive or other places, then select the issue that is most closely applicable to you. Follow the instructions to help you get back into your account.
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