Installing TB Sirate - a few things not working right


Hi TB. I've only been at this for about 8 hours and I am not a web guru and this is my first experiment with Drupal. But I've got enough background to find my way around.

I've gotten most of the prerequisites for TB Sirate installed and the theme is mostly working. I've followed the "Build" tutorial completely through and have experimented with creating my own views, blocks, and pages. Here are my questions and problems.

1) I still haven't figured out how to install CKEditor as a library. Please provide a link to the proper download and detailed instructions on how to extract the archive, which components in the archive to install, and where to install them, including a specific subfolder under sites\all\libraries. Can you please provide hyperlinks and instructions for all of the libraries that are prerequisites? That would be nice :)

2) Does Nucleus need to be installed and enabled? Or only just installed?

3) What browser does this work with? I've had a ton of layout issues with Maxthon (webkit) and IE.

4) The description of Nucleus says I can drag and drop layout items. I found no instructions how to do this. I assume it's under Appearance > TB Sirate theme settings > Layout. Some of the visual layout elements give me a 4-arrow "drag and drop" cursor, but none of them respond - it's just plain text. Several layout elements don't display correctly, especially the "layout" configuration page itself.

5) I'm also unable to change certain theme elements, such as the image background on the "Panel first column 1" element. I'm unable to change the color of the footer background. I'm unable to adjust the mobile device responsive "menu button" design or image. I assumed all of these visual elements could be configured inside the interface - do I need to edit the CSS directly?

6) Your demo includes "about" and "contact" pages, but the tutorial does not cover creating any of these pages. Are they added as content (content > add content) or is there another way these pages are added?

7) The theme appears to include a floating social media element for interacting with social media sites. None of these links do anything, either in my site or in your demo. I have not found any information on where to configure these links.

8) Is theme configuration stored in SQL or in configuration files? If I overwrite my current installation with the TB Sirate Starter demo files, will I lose my configuration and content? I want to attempt overwriting my live install with the demo (files only) in order to overcome any issues I may have with missing prerequisites.

FYI, your instructions and tutorials are written in a way that assumes your audience is expertly familiar with Drupal, modules, themes, and with web design in general. You should know, especially based on the questions here, that most of your customers (especially for free products like Sirate) are not experts and you should rewrite your tutorials accordingly.


Well, I've managed to figure a few things out on my own. I did install the "Starter" demo theme to figure some of these out.

1) The latest version of CKEditor is not supported by WYSIWYG; WYSIWYG is unable to detect the version so the library is not loaded.

2) Based on the configuration of the "Starter" demo install, Nucleus can be disabled. I asked this question related to #3 - lots of layout issues. The enable state of Nucleus makes no difference to layout problems.

3) .... Still need an answer to this.

4) Dragging and dropping for some elements works when redesigning the layout, but ONLY if you do not use Sirate as your Administrator theme. With Seven set as my admin theme, I can drag and drop some items in Layout design, but other portions of the Sirate theme, such as creating new blocks and views, are broken when not using Sirate as your admin theme.

5) ... Still need an answer to this.
I'll also add that I'm unable to figure out how to make any changes to the "Main content" block of the Front page. This is an ultra super high priority.

6) The additional pages are "content" basic pages. Took me a while to figure out how to create and edit these as well as their menu links. This should definitely be part of the tutorial.

7) ... Still need an answer for this.
I saw on another related question that these can only be modified by editing the page.tpl.php - that sounds like a serious flaw in the design of this theme. Editing these links should have a gui option in the next version.

8) SQL! The biggest problem with installing the theme the step-by-step way is that there are a million version conflicts between Drupal core, the Sirate theme, modules, and libraries. The "Starter" demo uses older versions of some modules and libraries so that most everything is compatible. Mostly. There are still a few things broken, especially as relates to updates.