IE9 Compatibility View


When I use IE9 Compatibility View (default setting) to visit TB University Demo, some elements shown in the site are msialigned.

When I switch off the IE9 CV, the site is normal.

How can I configure the site so that the visitors do not meet this problem?


This post may be helpful for you.




Thank you very much.

How about setting IE Document Mode?


The post show a solution to

The post show a solution to enforce an IE Document Mode by using meta tag. Moreover, IE9 Compatibility View is not the default setting of IE 9. Your visitors won't meet this issue unless they manually switch their browser modes in IE to Compatibility View.

Sorry for question, but I

Sorry for question, but I want to know that when do you get the link after the PayPal payment?
Thanx for answer!

We will probably make an

We will probably make an approval to buy this template next week.

As this is the first time to purchase TB product, we must know how to solve some technical problems before we commence installation of our project by TB University.

We would be grateful if you could let us have replies or answers to what we have asked in your Questions section.

Thank you very much.